How do we imagine summer? Most probably sandy beach, hot sun and lazy tanning... But do you know that intensive summer activities (like different games) is a better solution? Because they not only are fun, but also gives you perfect even tan and keeps you in shape (and you might skip the gym). Don't know which activities to choose? Pick few (or all) from our list!

Cycling and roller skating

if you want to have perfect shape then riding a bike is one of the best options for summer activities. Besides, cycling also reduces stress! Well, but if won't give you perfectly even tan, so if you want to have bronze skin then instead of cycling choose roller skating.


Or football in Europe. This activity is fun and you don;t need to play it in the field full of grass – you can choose sandy beach. Besides, different combination of fast and slow running is a perfect way to stay fit or to burn some calories.


This is a very universal game that you can play almost anywhere and with anyone. Besides, it is also a great workout, especially for your arms and upper body part.


Summer and sandy beach are almost unimaginable without volleyball. This fun team game effectively burns calories and helps to stay fit. Besides, during sunny summer day this game helps to have perfectly even tan without even trying!


There is no doubt that swimming is good way to stay in shape. But besides that swimming also helps body to maintain cooling balance and event helps to get darker tan faster. For the same reason wet body tans faster, because water attracts sun.


This activity not only creates good mood and makes you happy, but also trains your muscles and burns a lot of calories! But we're not talking about slow lovers dance.


Badminton is suitable for people of almost any age, there fore it is very universal summer activity. Besides, it not only fun, but also helps you stay fit, burns calories and even trains your body balance.

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