How many of you think of different excuses why not to wear shorts? I don't have long legs, I don't have shorts figure, I'm too curvy, I'm too slim, this is not for my age... STOP! Shorts, just like any other clothes, are for everybody, you just need to find the right ones and we're going to help you with that.

Curvy girls

If you have a curvy body, you should choose shorts that have a bit more fabric and unusual shape, because interesting design and fabric hides any imperfections. Besides, curvy body will not look like drowning in all that fabric and shape.

Wide silky shorts look good on many body shapes, but they definitely look best on curvy girls, since silk and curves creates and amazing duet. Besides, jazzy silky shorts perfectly hides anyt imperfections.

Girls with long petite legs

Sometimes girls with petite legs and shorts look too slim, but there is great solution – to choose a bit longer quite wide shorts with straight line in the middle. They will visually create look of a bit wider legs and they won't look too slim.

Another great alternative – colorful shorts with different prints. Curvy girls might look strange in these shorts, so they are great for slim girls with long legs. Besides, this summer prints are very fashionable!

Girls with short legs

Petite and short are two different things, therefore, the selection of shorts also should be different. Girls with short legs should choose high waisted shorts and match them with a pair of high heels. This combination will create an illusion of longer legs.

Girls with straight body

If you don't have wide hips and have a quite boyish figure you should choose shorts that visually widen your hips and creates slim waist look. Also a good choice are shorts with wide pockets they also visually widens your hips.

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