Sun, air pollution, dry air, unhealthy diet, etc. cause stress to our skin. Besides, we even add more harm by using unsuitable skin care products and not caring enough about our everyday skin care routine. The most common everyday skin problems are acne, ingrown hair and razor burns and dark circles. Sometimes people think that the problems just pass away, all they have to do is wait, but reality is different.


Some time ago we wrote about acne and what causes it (you can find article here). Sometimes it is believes, that acne is only teenagers problem and they'll eventually will grow out of it. But the truth is that acne is also common between grown ups and very often it is caused not by hormone disbalance or stress, but because of wrong skin care products. Especially if the product is for dray skin and you use it even if your skin isn't dry. This cause that your skin will produce even more oil and then you'll have acne.

Ingrown hair and razor burns

Shaving is one of the most irritating everyday skin care action. Most often ingrown hair and razor burns are issues that men have to deal with (especially if they shave every day or at least every second day), but it's also a common problem for woman. So how to deal with this problem?

First of all you should pay attention to skin preparation before shaving – you should carefully rinse your skin and apply shaving foam or gel. These products not only soften hair but also covers skin with “shield” that helps to prevent razor burns and cut-ins. Besides, it is also advisable to choose razors with fewer blades, because 5 blades irritates skin more than 3 blades.

Dark circles

Most often dark circles under eyes are caused by the lack of sleep, so in order to avoid this problem – don't skip sleep and remember, that average person needs to sleep 8 hours per night. Besides, you should consider healthy and balanced nutrition and drink a lot of water. Balanced eating habits and enough sleep should solve this problem. But if not, then you should consider visiting your doctor, because dark circles under eyes might show that something is not good and you may need some medical treatment.

Dry skin

Wind, cold air, hot air, bad eating habits, etc. may cause another problem – dry skin. In order to avoid this problem first of all you shouldn't forget to use moisturizing skin care products (but just if your skin is dry! In other cases you should choose products suitable for your skin type). Another important thing is to not forget healthy eating habits and also to drink a lot of water, because dry skin usually shows that your organism lacks water. In some cases only balanced diet and great skin care routine might not be enough, so you may need to use some supplements. Especially beneficial for dry skin are cod-liver oil.

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