Usually people, who are trying to loose weight, concentrate on what they eat and don't pay any attention to how they eat. The way of eating is also very important when trying to loose weight. Why? Because your eating style can help you to loose your weight faster. There are four main rules to follow.

Don't try to catch up with the guys

When eating, don' try to eat as fast as guys do, because guys need more calories per day, therefore they tend to eat faster than girls. So if you'll try to catch up with the guys, most probably you'll consume more calories and therefore you won;t be able to loose weight (or at least it won't be so successful).

Chew longer

If you'll chew longer, you'll not only help your organism to digest food, but also your eating speed will become slower and you'll consume less calories. And this means, that by consuming less calories you'll loose wright faster and easier.

Don't eat with hands

Maybe this sounds strange, but you should avoid any food (especially snacks) that you eat with hands rather than with fork and knife. Why? Because when eating with hands, you start to eat not because you want to (because you're hungry), but because it becomes a habit that might not notice. And this means that you are consuming a lot of calories. Besides, if possible, choose eating with fork and knife anything (pizza, salad, etc.). This will slower your eating speed, you'll chew longer and also you'll consume less calories (and loose weight easier).

Create a cozy atmosphere

It is said, that calm music, candle light and relaxing atmosphere encourages people to enjoy the food. This means that they eat slower and chew longer. Besides, you won't feel stressed and eat less. And you'll not only help yourself to loose weight, but also you'll be able to enjoy an amazing evening!

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