We already introduced latest makeup trends for summer, but it seems that it's not done yet – we present you another hot makeup trend for summer – Ombre style lips!

Bright and colorful lips seems to be more conservative and comfortable option than colorful eye makeup, so this trend is perfect for girls, who want to look fashionable but don;t want to bee too eye-catchy or too extravagant.

Ombre makeup technology is quite simple, so anyone can try this. The only rule is to find colors and shades that fit together and that looks good on you. And when trying to find what's best for you, don't be afraid to experiment: match different lipstick colors, lipstick with lip gloss, even lipstick with eyeshadow!

With this trend best look is nude, naturally looking face makeup. Besides, don't forget to color only one area of your face – only lips or only eyes. Otherwise you might look like you just came back from colorful Rio de Janeiro carnival.

Photo source: wehearit.com