There are many ways how to make your eyelashes look good – use mascara, apply fake eyelashes, etc. But there are also some things to tr to have naturally longer and thicker lashes.

Vaseline and lip balm

One of the cheapest way to have beautiful and long lashes is to use Vaseline or lip balm. Of course, it is better to choose natural one that wouldn't irritate your eyes. In order to see any results you have to apply Vaseline on your eyelashes (you can use an old, clean mascara brush) everyday before going to sleep and then carefully clean it off before applying mascara in the morning. And also you must be vary patience, because it might take up to 5 week to see the results.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not only great for your eyelashes, but also for all skin condition. In drug stores you can find vitamin E oil in bottles (it's easier to use) or capsules with vitamin E which you can break and then use the oil. In order to have amazing eyelashes you should carefully apply vitamin E on your eyelids (not eyelashes!) everyday before going to sleep and rinse everything what's left in the morning.

Castor and olive oils

Another great natural remedy for long and thick eyelashes is castor oil. It is advised to use it on eyelashes, not on eyelids. For better result it should be applied just like Vaseline – with old clean mascara brush in order to coat all eyelash with castor oil. It is also suggested to use a mix of castor and olive oils for more moisturizing effect.

Essential grapefruit oil

It is said, that essential grapefruit oil is especially beneficial for those, who want to have thick lashes. But since essential oil is very concentrated, it might irritate your eyes. In order to avoid irritation you should carefully apply essential grapefruit oil on your eyelashes and after 10 minutes you must wash it off. Besides, this procedure is better to do only few times a week, not everyday.

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