Ombre style lips, colorful eyes and bright mascara – these are not all summer trends news. Despite the fact that summer is already here (for a month!), it seems that there might be some more new trends to follow and they might be in autumn as well. This time we're talking about ear cuffs!

It seems, that ear cuffs trend flies so fast, that soon it will be hard to find a celebrity, which haven't been appearing with ear cuffs on the red carper. Besides, since everybody falls for ear cuffs, now it's easy to find them at almost any clothes and accessories shop and to choose the ones, that match your style. The variety is wide, so you can find simple ear cuffs for your everyday look, fancy ear cuffs for “going to night club” look or event elegant ones for really important celebration.

The best pats about ear cuffs is that you don't need to pierce your ears, so anyone can wear them. And another good thing is even if you have your ears pierced, there are certain type of ear cuffs that have closure for pierced ear in the bottom of the earring and have cuffs for attaching earring to the upper part of the ear.

If you still haven't tried ear cuffs, take a look for inspiration!

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