During summer hot and wet air, water and wind has huge affection to our hair and therefore it becomes hard to deal with them. But you know, there is a stylish solution to all this! You can deal with your messy hair using amazing hair accessories.

Sometimes it's hard to choose proper hair accessories or to decide, which one looks good, and which one is not fashionable at all. In order to make this decision easier, we decided to show you accessories, that are not only on the top of the fashion this summer , but still are very helpful when dealing with messy hair.

One of the most trendy accessory this summer is headbands with metal chain. This season both – with and without gums are a great choice, but headbands with gums gives a better fixation to hair. Metal ornaments, details and accessories are one of the latest trends for this summer, so we advise you to choose one like that.

Another super trendy option is flower crows, which are also the same head bangs. Fake flowers on your head bet look with loose a bit wavy hair, but they also look good with buns or even pony tails. And don't forger cute bobby pins! Forget boring invisible ones and go for stylish, decorated with flowers, birds, etc. bobby pins.

Photo source: thefashionspot.com