Trying to make your eyes pop sometimes can be mission impossible, since you have to know (or feel) which color goes with which, where to draw a line, where to highlight or to shadow, etc. In order to help you a bit with this wish, we decided to share one possible way to choose perfect eyeshadow according to the color of your eyes.

Blue eyes

Blue is a clod color, so in order to lit some fire in your eyes you should use warm eyeshadow color, like peach, golden, bronze (but not too dark) or even orange. These colors will make your eyes pop and won't look mismatching with the color of your eyes. Another great alternative is eyeshadow that are in similar color like your eyes. If you have greyish eyes, then choose silver, dark gray or even black eyeshadow, if you gave navy blue eyes, you can choose dark blue or purple, they will look great with dark eyes and won't look like the color of your eyes is lost.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes are the most universal, because they look good in almost any eyeshadow color. Why? Because brown is a neutral color and it doesn't conflict with other colors like blue or green eyes. Despite the fact that brown eyes look good with all colors, the best “partners” are dark and rich in color eyeshadow – green, deep blue, dark purple, bronze. But it's better to choose these colors for the evening makeup and for day choose a bit more neutral tones, like “earth colors”.

Green eyes

You know which color makes green eyes pop? Purple! Dark purple, light purple, any purple works great with green eyes. But if purple is not your favorite color or you want a more conservative look, then you should choose brown eyeshadow that have red undertone (like terracotta). Red undertone will draw more attention to green eyes (and they will look more green) and still won't be too bright and distracting. Another great alternative (especially for neutral everyday look) is pink eyeshadow, which will look fresh and almost nude.

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