Summer has already started (like a month ago) and everybody is joyfully sunbathing. That's great, because sun allows us to get more vitamin D and ability to have bronze skin color. But sometimes it happens that we enjoy too much sun and then get sunburned. So if you don't want to look like hurting red lobster or don't want to peel off – follow our advices.


One of the best pain relieving solution is putting some ice on the place were you got sunburned. Besides, ice and cold will relieve swelling and for the skin it will be easier to recover. Just don't rub sunburned skin area, because damages skin can be easily removed and therefore you will not only have sunburned skin, but also a hurting and hard-healing wound.


Another great solution for sunburned (and all burned) areas is aloe. It not only calms irritated skin, but also moisturizes it and therefore it won't peel off. Besides, aloe fastens skin regeneration and helps to prevent infection in damaged skin area.


Honey is a well known natural antiseptic, so it is advised to use honey if you got sunburned and it ended up with a wound. Besides, honey, just like aloe moisturizes your skin and also helps your skin to regenerate faster. Just be careful, because honey can cause a serious allergy, so if you're allergic to pollen and nuts, you must avoid honey.

Dairy products

dairy products also fastens regeneration of damaged sunburned skin, especially yogurt, sour cream and curdled milk. Besides, these products calms hurting skin and relieves pain. Dairy products also have moisturizing effect, so if don't want your skin to peel off, you should apply dairy products on sunburned skin few times a day.


Maybe it sounds crazy, but tomatoes are “best friends” with sunburned skin. Of course, the best possible result you can achieve only using “real” tomatoes (not the ones you usually buy in shop that have no taste or smell, but look good). Another important thing is to use ripened or even indolent ones. How to use them?

Italians advice to apply smashed tomato before going to sleep to every sunburned or red skin area, allow it to dry up and then just leave it for the night. And then in the morning the sunburn pain will be just gone and you'll be nicely tanned! Of course, you'll wake up orange and your bed sheets will also be orange, so do not use the ones, that are hard to wash off!