During summer our skin get a lot of stress – heat, dry conditioned weather, salty water, etc. causes a lot of skin problems. This is why certain skincare during summer is essential. No mater what type skin you have (oily, dry or normal), you still need to moisturize it, but it's also important not to use too much oily moisturizing creams during summer, because it might clog your pores.

A great solution to this problem is facial mist, which not only let skin to cool of and moisturizes it, but also it will strengthen your make up and refresh your skin. Besides, it's easy to use and you can use it even on the go. And it can also be used on your makeup, while most of moisturizing creams – can't.

If this product is such a miracle, then why people still tend to skip it? The answer is simple, most people believe, that they can reach the same effect with water. But the truth is that water may freshen and cool off your skin for a while, but after that your skin will become even more dried than it was before.

Facial mist have moisturizing elements, that not only refreshes skin, but also gives some kind of a barrier which saves skin from dehydrating. Besides, all facial mists have important elements and vitamins which will be beneficial to your skin.

Since facial mist is very easy to use, it surely must be in everyone’s bag and ready to use. Besides, it's a great way to refresh your skin after a long travel by bus or plane. You can buy facial mists in different size packages, so you can choose which one do you need or want. Besides, they are also in traveling friendly 50-100lm packages as well.