It's not a secret that even a tiny detail might change the whole look. That's why it's not surprising that simple and minimalistic style lovers thought of a new way how to add some more playfulness and elegance to their appearance. And that way is to use collars! We're not talking about boring regular ones, what we have in mind is colorful, contrasting collars with metal, jeweleries, beads, prints, etc.

Well, to be honest, collars are not a really a new piece of accessories, because they have already been on the top of the fashion and now they just returned. Today there is a huge variety of different types or styles of collars and is seems that gorgeous, colorful, embroidered, decorated and elegant collars become not only a part of simple and neat clothes, but also they are becoming a piece of accessory, that is already “on his own”.

Today you can find separate collars and wear them instead of some jewelery or even find on collar look based metal jewelery. This type of collars allows you to create a brand new image of the old clothes without the need to remake the garment.

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