Since the summer sales have already started (and some of them even reached a peak) it's a great time to renew your closet content. Usually what people look for are things, that they really really need or something, that would be fashionable and stylish even the next summer or spring. That's why shoppers look for perfect dresses, jumpsuits, shoes and accessories and, somehow, forget the amazing and very universal skirt.

Skirt is most probably the second most universal clothe (the first one would be famous little black dress). Why? Because with different tops, shoes and accessories can create a perfect look for job, club or even celebration with that single one skirt. Of course, this rule may have some exceptions. That's why every girl should have at least few different skirts and since it's a summer sales time, it's a great time to buy some!

In order to help you with inspiration of what you want (or need) we prepared you some pictures from what shops sell now and what you can look for in the piles of different clothes. Besides, we advice you to pay attention to quite simple straight and short skirts with shiny beads – these skirts look great, stylish and yet still conservative and suitable for everyday look with a simple, plain color top and infancy shoes.

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