We happily introduce you brand new limited edition nail polish – Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots! Why this nail polish is so amazing? Because in it's base coat with color (or even without) there are lots of black, white and silver dot's in different sizes. And once you spread them all over your nails, they look like your manicurist have worked for few hours to make your nails look stunning (and only you know, that it wasn't that hard at all).

The nail polish has 4 basic colors (blue, pink, orange and green), so every girl is able to find the one that fit's her needs. Besides, they have also a clear one for girls, who are too conservative for bright colors or want to use it on any other nail polish they like. What is more, this nail polish last longer and has anti-chipping complex, besides, contains no formaldehyde, DBP and toluene.

Don't forget to try it before it sold out! Friendly tip – we advice you to shop online, because it will be easy to find any color you want, you won't need to search for it in the shop and you'll have no worries.

Photo source: maybelline.com, alllacqueredup.com