Who wouldn't want to have long, thick and perfectly colored eyelashes? I guess most of us want them, just not everybody can joyfully say “I have naturally long, thick and dark lashes”. Well, but nowadays with all wide variety of different products it's easy to cheat mother nature and create the look of amazing ans even colorful eyelashes.

In the previous article we talked about different natural remedies which helps to grow stronger, longer and thicker eyelashes. But this might take some time, so if you want a fast result (but short-lasting), then you will probably use such simple thing as mascara. I guess every woman knows how to use it, but in fact, there are several different techniques and today we want to present you the one, that we like the most (and also which seems the best).

In order to create amazing look and definition of your eyelashes you will need three things – eyelashes curler (preferable – heatable one, because it is more effective than regular), eyebrows and eyelashes combs and mascara (in any color you like).

First step – curling

In order to have a look of long lashes you should start with eyelashes curler. Begin near the roots of the lashes, gently press curler and wait for few seconds. If after this your eyelashes reaches eyelid, take eyelashes curler and press you eyelashes just a bit further away from the roots. Repeat this as many times as you need to create a look of perfectly curled eyelashes.

Second step – applying mascara

The trick is that we won't use mascara brush to apply the product on the eyelashes. Instead of that we will use eyebrows and eyelashes combs, which will perfectly cover every single eyelash with mascara and there won't be no clumps. How to do this? With your regular mascara brush wipe few times through the top of the eyelashes combs and then brush your eyelashes with them.

Repeat this as many times as you want, since this way of applying mascara allows you to put on more coats of it without making your eyelashes stick together. That's way your eyelashes look stunning, have more definition and with no mascara clumps.

Photo source: cosmopolitan.com