It's not a secret that makeup can make miracles, all you need are just right products, a bit knowledge and practice. Want to have bigger eyes, juicy lips or sexy cheekbones? Then come closer, we're going to share this “secret” with you.

Bigger eyes

Bigger eyes always look sexier. That's why we use mascara and eyelashes curler – to create illusion of widen and more defined eyes. But there is one mistake that many woman do – they use black eyeliner which acts just like little black dress and makes your eyes look narrow, not wide.

In order to avoid this problem you should use blue, green or light silvery blue eyeliner above the eye and use white eyeliner pencil near the bottom lashes. This will create illusion of wider and bigger eyes. Besides, don't forget to use a bit of white eyeliner in the inner corners of the eyes – the look will be fresh and wide awake.

Juicy lips

You probably know, that lips with gloss look puffier, but we want to share another great trick. The some natural lip balm with no color at all, but choose the one that has some sparkles or is a bit shiny and use it just above your cupids bow.

Shiny lip balm will catch some light and your lips will look more juicy. Besides, it will be unnoticeable (not like the lip gloss). And dont forget to put on some lipstick or lip gloss to draw even more attention to your lips.

Sexy cheekbones

Killer cheekbones are so sexy! Unfortunately, not everybody can joyfully say “hey, I have them, look at me”, but that's why we have cosmetics. All you'll need is some bronzing powder and highlighting powder. The easier way to apply these products is to make a “fish face” and then apply some bronzing powder just beneath your cheekbone and after that put some highlighting powder above it.

That's it! But if you want perfect and very fresh look – don't forget some light lush to your cheeks (just in the middle of a cheekbone).

Photo source: VOGUE,