Just few months ago this was something that looked a bit unusual and just few people wore rings that way. Today we can definitely say that this is becoming a hot fashion trend. Besides, this trends look cute, sexy and fashionable at the same time!

Our guess is that this way of wearing rings (not fully put on) born from the trend that was before – wearing a lot of rings all at once. When choosing a bit more massive rings the trend became quite uncomfortable and it was hard to use your hands will all those rings falling off.

Probably this was the point when girls started wearing rings not only in regular place but also in the middle on the finger or even just above the nail. Since these pats of fingers are quite short it's easier here to wear smaller rings or just very simple ones.

To anyone who want's to start wearings rings like that today – no, there are no special rings for this (unless you want to wear the one, that covers your nail). All you have to do is buy rings few sizes smaller than your regular ones. And then experiment with matching different colors, shapes and width.

Photo source: weheartit.com