Maybe greasy snail touch is not one of your dream beauty procedures and some of us even can’t stand the idea of snail crawling all over the face but some people pay for this! During 243 dollar worth procedure you are allowed to “enjoy” snails on your face for 5 minutes. The whole procedure also includes massage and one other procedure that client can choose between several options.

Tokyo Spa center director says that snail mucus help to hydrate skin. Besides, crawling snails gently exfoliates dead skin, so snail facial allows you to have smooth, glowing and healthy skin. Another benefit is that procedures helps to relieve stress and relax (it sounds crazy) while three snails crawl over your face.

Since the procedure was introduced only a week ago, there is only one place in the world where you can enjoy it – in Tokyo, Japan. But it is possible that our famous forever young celebrities will soon start to try it and then we’ll be able to find this therapy in almost all SPA’s.

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