Most girls and women don’t like to look the same like others. Or at least they don’t want to wear the same dress, bag, skirt or… Clutch! That’s why we proudly present you quite unique and very playful clutches made from LEGO bricks.

All clutches are 100 % handmade and very limited edition, since they are made by one Polish girl – Agnieszka Biernacka. The girl is making unique clutches since 2009 and now she has more than 2000 designs in different color, size, pattern, etc.

Besides, LEGO clutches are quite comfortable, since only the top coat is made of LEGO and the other part is from fabric. Besides, hard LEGOs perfectly keep the shape of a clutch. The whole clutch making process is quite long, that’s why the clutches price start at 160 USD.

LEGO clutches are a perfect choice for modern, stylish girl or woman, who wants to have something that nobody else has. Besides, you must be quite brave to wear a clutch like that, but it’s definitely worth it if you want to be noticeable.

Everyone interested in clutches and other accessories from LEGOs more info can find here. Besides, there you’ll be able to buy the ones that you like.

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