Defined, Cara Delevigne style eyebrows are one of the hottest things this season. Many girls and women all over the world try to catch up with this trend and therefore use many different products to give their eyebrows more definition. Since today there are lots of different products for different types of eyebrows, sometimes it might be hard to choose or to choose the best ones.

Eyebrows pencil

Pencil is most popular product for eyebrows, because it’s easy to use (or at least people think so). Besides, this is the only way to cover scars, to fix eyebrows shape or to change the look and length of your eyebrows. Sometimes people look for extra sharp and a bit harder pencil to be able to draw thin and short natural hair alike lines, but the truth is that soften brush is a bit better.

Yes, you should draw soft lines to imitate natural looking hairs, but you shouldn’t forget to brush out lines to get “blended in” look. Otherwise your fake painted hair will still look like fake and won't remind natural growing ones. Besides, soft brush is a better choice because usually they are retractable so you'll be able to skip the sharpening time and, besides soft brush blends in better and look more natural.

Eyebrows gel

Brows gel is an amazing product, because it's easy to use and helps to keep your eyebrow hairs in place for a whole day. Besides, you can match clear eyebrows gel with other products (like pencil or eyebrows shadows) to create defined eyelashes image and to keep them in perfect shape. Otherwise you can choose eyebrow gels that contain a little bit of shade.

Eyebrows gels are perfects for girls with quite long and unruly brows. They are also the best choice if you want to create a strict form of your eyebrows. What is important when choosing gel is that if you want a colored one, you should look for the one that won't color the sin under the brows and will cover only your hairs. Besides, the color must match the darkest part of your eyebrow.

Eyebrows shadows

This way of defining eyebrows look also quite natural, but only if you know how to do it, if you have quite bushy eyebrows (not the rare ones) and your eyebrows are quite dark. Otherwise this way of trying to “paint” your eyebrows will end up looking like a makeup disaster. Besides, shadows won't help to create new for of your eyebrows, they will only add more heft to brows that already have nice shape.

The most important thing when choosing eyebrow shadows is color. The color must not suit your natural eyebrows color, but it should be 2 tones lighter, because the roots of your brows hair are in lighter shade. If you'll choose darker tone, your eyebrows won't look natural. And if you're a ginger girl, then you must look for eyebrows shadows in reddish color to create a natural looking image of your eyebrows.

Eyebrows waxes

Wax is definitely the best product during hot summer days, because it's not only waterproof, but also it won't “run off” during hot days, because it melts in higher temperature than other beauty products. Besides, waterproof wax formula will be a perfects shield for you eyebrows pencil or shadows and will make them stay in place for a whole day.

Today you can buy clear wax or wax with a little bit of shade, which will look very light and natural. You can find eyebrows waxes in small boxes or pencil shapes – it's up to you what to choose. The only rule you should remember is that you shouldn't over-use wax, because then your eyebrows might look oily and gross.

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