Have you ever payed attention on how many people are wearing rubber shoes and how many different rubber shoes are in stores? If noticed that, then you probably also noticed how playful, cute and stylish they might look. Ans the conservative ones nowadays can even find very elegant looking shoes that will perfectly look with suit or any other formal wear (and they even might not look like made from rubber).

Knowing, that rubber shoes are so popular now it would be a sin not to have at least one pair of them. Besides, they not only look good (and you will definitely find the ones that you like the most), but they also are very comfortable (especially “Melissa” and “Mel”) and useful, because they won;t get soaked during rain, they won't change color or wear off. When you thing of it, rubber shoes have a lot of benefits and they definitely don't remind those old, ugly and uncomfortable ones.

Nowadays you can find rubber flip-flops, sandals, high heels, etc. So why you should risk putting on your leather or other shoes during rain while you can still look gorgeous and feel comfortable in rubber ones?

Photo source: weheartit.com