Despite the fact that modeling job is almost the same no matter where to go, but there are some certain differences between two parts of fashion world – the West counties and Asia. These differences are not only related to different models height standards but also with the way they organize model work.

One of the main difference is models casting – one of the most important part of model work, similar to job interview. The main difference between castings in West counties and Asia is that in west countries girls have to show just how they look without makeup with swimsuit and walk in high heels. In Asia countries castings are different, here girls have to wear makeup and usually they have to show how they can pose.

Besides, the way how girl poses sometimes may be the most important thing when choosing a girl for work or when deciding how much a company will pay for her. That's why girls before going to Asia should know how to pose. But there's no need to have posing experience in worlds famous fashion capitals. A girl should know (or feel) how to pose when promoting certain products, how to pose for catalogs and how to pose for high fashion shoots. This means that you can learn posing at home, in model agency camp, etc.

When talking about posing and learning there are two basic groups of poses – for commercial shoots and for high fashion. They can be divided into smaller parts, but the main idea will be the same. That's why it is advisable to know what kind of photo shoot you’re going to attend (and don't afraid to ask that at casting, if you're not sure or don't know) because if you'll know what kind of poses do they need, you'll know how to act.

Posing for high fashion shoots is some kind of art, because the main idea is not to show clothes or accessories you are wearing, but to express some kind of idea that a designer wanted to express via his collection. For high fashion photo shoots try asymmetric body poses, raised hand (or both hands). The poses should be strong, angular, sometimes uncomfortable and most of the time your face must be fierce or strict rather than happy or friendly.

Posing for commercial fashion (advertisements, catalogs, etc.) is a complete difference from posing for high fashion, because here you have to promote and show for potential customer how certain accessories or clothes look. Since you have to persuade person to buy that particular thing, your body poses have to be natural and not covering the whole garment. Besides, your face should match the style of product you're advertising (happy, playful, friendly, sexy, etc. but not angry or unhappy).

Since you have to look quite natural and comfortable in commercial shoots, you should use natural poses and match them to the style of clothes and accessories you're promoting. In commercial photo shoots you almost won;t find risen hands, because they look quite unnatural. Besides, you shouldn't use very angular poses and do anything that would make a piece of apparel unnatural. Another important thing is that of there are any details (like pockets), you have to use them as well.

During model castings in Asia scouts sometimes ask girls to show some king of poses (like “natural pose”, “high pose”, “sexy pose”, “cute pose”, etc.), that's why it is important to pose not only with you body, but also with your facial expressions (all body language). Besides, it is better not to freeze in one pose for more than few seconds (because scouts are not shooting you, they are only looking how you can pose). Another important thing to remember is that you shouldn't over-pose and feel confident about what you do.


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