Few days ago we introduced you quite unusual clutches made from LEGO bricks, but what we will present you now is even more unusual that this! A designers couple from Israel makes very nice, elegant and one of a kind clutches made from wood. And we're not talking about bucket style carved bags or something made from small wooden strips. We're talking about something, that looks like it is made just from one single piece of wood, but somehow has an amazing shape.

Since every piece is made from real wood, even if you want to have a very similar clutch to the one made before, they will never be the same, because you can't find to identical pieces of wood. That's why every single item is not only hand made, but also a very unique piece. So, it's not a surprise that prices starts at 580 USD. It's not cheap, but definitely worth the money you will be paying. But if you still have doubts – just have a look at these amazing artworks!

Photo source: etsy.com