When all world is crazy about hand-made, unique and one-of-a-kind accessories, jewelry, clothes, etc. we found something amazing – miniature replicas of real food that are used as playful and quite funny rigs. The idea and rings author Sofia is Canadian who married Japanese man and therefore moved to live in Japan. Her own personal “brand” (if we can say so) is named SouZou Creations.

When looking at these amazing rings sometimes it’s hard to believe that human hands did his, especially when you see even small sugar packages and other labels replicas. It’s even more hard to believe that something so unusual, hand-made and difficult to make might cost only few dollars! Everyone who is interested in these amazing miniature artworks might get them only for 6-10 USA dollars.

What is interesting about the author of these amazing rings is that her inspiration was love for food, love for making goods and passion for unusual jewelry. Besides, Japanese culture also had and affection to the idea, since in Japan real size plastic food replicas are very popular and are being used outside the restaurants in order to persuade people to come in.

Sofia says that people first of all eat with their eyes and in Japan this rule is very common. That’s why in restaurants different meals are served in different plates (shape, size and colors matter) and food in a plate is served to reveal all its colors.

Everyone interested in more information about Sofia and SouZou Creations or if anyone wants to buy her amazing jewelry, you can find it here.

Photo source: etsy.com