Since the summer is almost over it’s about time to start talking about fall and new fall tendencies. It’s possible, that we will still have warm weather during September, so let’s leave warm fall clothes tendencies for later and let’s talk about something that we’ll be able to use even if it still be warm and sunny. Don’t know what that is? We’re talking about jewelry and accessories.

This fall dominates the “Bling bling” style accessories that make some kind of statement and express your mood or thoughts literally. So if you’re not a fan of necklaces or rings that says “money”, “love”, “nice”, etc. most probably you will not like this fall jewelry tendency.

Besides, we are expecting to see words on every kind of accessories and jewelry – not just on necklaces, bracelets and rings, but also on belts, purses with metal details, even on earrings and ear cuffs (don’t forget them, they’re still in!). So if you want to go side by side with fashion – be brave and express what’s on your mind via your accessories.

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