Eyebrow pencils need to be as true to your own brow shade as possible. However, if you have dark black brows, you need not worry about using an eyebrow pencil. Lucky you! You can shape and add depth (within reason) to your brows with just a few well placed strokes.
Before you start with any brow pencil, it is important that your brows are clean and brushed. (You can purchase an eyebrow brush at grocery or drug stores.) You need to start at the narrowest part of your brow and brush up towards the back. This makes your brow look fuller and also easier to work with the pencil. If the widest part of your brow needs to look fuller, you can fill in nicely with a few well placed strokes from your brow pencil. It is very importance to match the shade of your brow to the right shade of an eyebrow pencil.

To use a bronzer, you should only use this on the brow bone just under the eyebrow and/or just across the part above the eyebrow. If you try to use it with or on top of your brow pencil, it will ruin the shade meant for your eyebrows. To highlight, use your brow pencil and a bronzer. You will need to put on your brow pencil first. Then a few well placed strokes along your natural brow. This will look like a frost.