If Hohosearch.com has appeared up on your web browser, it means that your computer is hijacked. A virus which has infiltrated your system without your awareness is called a browser hijacker. Technically, it is not a seriously dangerous program. However, its presence on the system can lead you to various problems that usually depend on your patience.

If you are not the one who can't stand sponsored search results that are filled with in-text links, banner ads, and pop-ups, you may even like to have Hohosearch virus on your computer. The most of its ads are displayed after tracking PC users and collecting information which is related to their interests, so there is no surprise that people take them seriously. To make things clear, we do NOT recommend clicking such ads as the most of them lead people to vulnerable websites. Besides, revealing your personal and non-personal information can lead you to identity theft.

How could you avoid Hohosearch? First of all, you must check programs before you download them to your computer. Don't save your time on Privacy Policy and End User's License Agreement, which are considered very important sources of information. Also, search the Internet to see what others think about this free program that you are about to install on your computer. When you are done, you should opt for Custom or Advanced installation option to be able to see all optional components that are hiding in the program that you need.

If you have been using this browser hijacker instead of your start page or the default search engine, we recommend you to follow a detailed Hohosearch removal guide and fix your computer.