ODIN virus is the newest version of infamous Locky ransomware that was launched back in February. It's not the first attempt to renew and update Locky virus - earlier this year, hackers introduced one of its versions called Zepto virus. At the moment, everyone is looking at ODIN ransomware which is considered one of the most dangerous and powerful cyber threats. Hackers use the same ransomware distribution technique, so you can get it delivered to your email inbox. Typically, the virus is attached to an email as receipt, invoice or report. If you notice an unexpected and strange email in your email inbox, stay away from it. It might be a virus.

Once ODIN is let to the system, the virus starts encrypting your files with RSA-2048 and AES-128 algorithms. After this procedure, all files can become useless because they are blocked by two separate keys - the public and the private one. Besides, victim gets the ransom note claiming that there is only one chance to recover corrupted data – he or she has to pay a ransom. Unfortunately, virus researchers haven’t cracked ODIN’s code and still haven’t created a free decrypter. However, we do not recommend paying the ransom and sponsoring these crooks. If you have backups, you can restore your lost data with their help. In other case, you can use Data Recover Pro and similar software. However, before you start recovering your files, make sure you remove ODIN ransomware from yuor computer.

It is known that the most affected countries are Germany, UK and Spain. However, the ransomware is in its distribution stage , so it is expected to show up in every wolrd's country. The biggest attack of this ransomware is considered the infiltration to Honolulu Fire Department's computers.It is known that the virus was activated by one of its employees who opened an infected email. Luckily, it managed to infect only 20 computers. Besides, the department was lucky to have backups, so they didn't need to pay for the decryption of encrypted files. Beware that ransomware attacks have been increasing since 2014, so making backups of your business documents and other important files has never been as important as it is now.