There are probably very few people who have never encountered a browser hijacker at some point of their computer usage experience. Even if you are among those lucky users, you most likely have a friend, a colleague or some relatives whose computers have been infected with this annoying type of virus. You may even have heard about someone struggling with Indeed, this particular virus is one of today’s most active and innovative browser hijackers. You can see how active it is just by looking at its traffic statistics. Though the site itself surfaced the web only 8 months ago, it now receives over 86 thousand unique visitors a day, most of whom are from India, Brazil, and Indonesia. Of course, it would be naive to presume that this new website has managed to attract such vast interest in an entirely fair way. In fact, research proves that users rarely install themselves and it is much more common for this suspicious search engine to show up on browsers without asking direct permission. Thus, it perfectly fits the description of a browser hijacker. But as we have already mentioned, there is more to this virus than its capability to replace your default search engine or homepage. is specifically designed to infect Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Once it settles in, it automatically adds a new user to make the aforementioned changes easier to implement. Typically, the victims of the hijack do not suspect they are browsing the web through a different account since the virus transfers some of the saved data from the old account to the bogus new one, making them look alike. Such changes allow the virus an easy tracking of the type and amount of transferred data, the time and date of this transfer, computer’s IP address and a bunch of other information which, according to the Youndoo creators, is used merely for the service improvement purposes. Nevertheless, we should not forget that this search engine is an ad-based application. This means it can use the collected information to provide you with targeted ads which would redirect you to predetermined websites and increase the sales or popularity of its affiliates.

Needless to say, practices that this search engine applies are hardly respectable; thus the program itself is not your trust either. If you are struggling with it, you need to remove Youndoo virus from your computer.