How to contact us

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There are cases when you want to contact administration of the portal. First, we suggest checking our help system for fast answer to common problems and questions.

Lost passwords can be recovered using our password recovery page. You can fill in the email you registered from and your username with a new password will be sent to your email box. Lost password request will not be handled by our support without clear proof that account belongs to you.

And if you still have questions related to the usage of the site, payments, registration or any other requirements, we have a ticket system to handle such help requests.

Writing tickets

Ticket system can be found here.

To register a ticket you have to fill in a form with your contact information. At first type your name and email:

Then select appropriate type of a problem from category field (you can choose from login, payment, registration and general account or other problems).After that type short problem subject:

Describe the problem by filling in description field. Write specific problems description and give enough information. Then click submit button and the note will appear that it was successful:

After the ticket is completed, it will be added to queue up for answering. It is very important to enter an existing email, as the answer will be sent to the provided e-mail only.

Once the ticket is answered, you will receive an email with a link. To check for the reply, please click on the link or copy and paste it in to your browser:

You can reopen the ticket by writing your comments below the answer given by our support team.

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