For many, a hot bath at the end of the day is both a way to calm down and relieve stress. A few minutes by oneself to contemplate and meditate can do wonders for the mind and body. Taking time to take a simple bath, even for 3 minutes, is for many a busy mother or father a guiltless time alone. Why not make the best of this quiet, personal time with healing essential oils? Using the bath as a way of administering Aromatherapy is one of the best for a number of reasons:

Your entire skin gets a dose of pure essential oils.

The vapors rising from the hot water enters your olfactory system and lungs.

Your mind is clear and calm, allowing you to concentrate on yourself and the essential oil treatment.

Sleep or renewed vigor will soon follow such a treatment.

Depending on your needs, the bath can be used to treat skin conditions such as acne or dryness. It can be used to help relieve nervous conditions by evoking calmness. It can also simply be used to aid in your enjoyment of your bath.

Using essential oils in the bath can be as simple as adding 10 drops just before you enter of perhaps lavender or rose or it can be an intricately concocted bath oil containing a number of oils. Floral oils usually make perfect bath additions, but one can feel free to use a particular oil or blend for conditions they wish to help.

Conditions that especially benefit from a bath administration include respiratory, skin and nervous system problems. Joint problems and muscle pain can also be greatly helped.

While soaps and candles that contain real, pure essential oils can be beneficial, nothing beats direct contact with the essential oils in the bath water. One must take note that essential oils are highly volatile so it is wise, when using them neat (straight out of the bottle) in the bath, to do so just before you are ready to enter. One should also draw the shower curtain or door closed to keep the steam confined to the tub area. This will make sure you are reaping the benefits of the essential oils before they evaporate with the hot steam.

Bath oils, on the other hand, especially when they contain a bit of vitamin E or honey, can help the essential oil to linger on the surface of the water faster and may be placed under hot running water. To create a bubble bath setting or special bath, once can add dried milk, a bit of hand soap and rose petals (and/or essential oil). Women will find bathing in rosemary to be particularly helpful after a stressful day and/or PMS symptoms. Men, on the other hand, can use a pungent orange or ylang-ylang, especially in the morning to get them started for a day of work.

What ever your situation, create a do not disturb sign and use your bath to its fullest!

Article by Marie A. Miczak