Could a man and a woman be “just friends”!? Can it be so, or is it mission impossible?

Nowadays men and women are interacting very actively at work. They have common hobbies. So naturally, the question arises: “Is it possible for a man and a woman socialize without sexual attraction, tension, passion and stay in platonic relationship?

In this question, we won’t find the only “true” answer. All of us have experience and individual opinion. Part of us would believe that “he” and “she” can be just friend, and other would claim that it is nonsense – if two opposite sex people are friends, one of them most probably will be interested in more than just a platonic relationship.

You can be friends just untill one or both of you will cross “no sex line”. Many people think, that opposite sex friendship is hiding sexual intentions, or at least one of the friends (mostly men) is dreaming about it. In platonic love, there’s no sexual activity, but very often there is sexual attraction. I believe that sexual tension is unavoidable between heterosexual opposite sex friends.

One woman is interpreting: “how can a man and a woman be just friends? There can only be one relationship – and it‘s bed. It‘s funny when he‘s telling - we are just friends. A man and a woman can only be lovers or something like that, but not friends.”

Other woman is joking: “I think that a man and a woman can‘t be friends, unless he‘s gay or she‘s lesbian.”

But there are people who are claiming that people of opposite sexes can be just friends and nothing more. The basic point is that both male and female would have the same views on platonic relationship. If there‘s going to be a friendship between a man and a woman or not, depends only on them.

The basics of friendship are interests and confidence, not gender. Mankind is thinking, that friendship with women is of a higher quality, they can express their own feelings not like with a man. Women like to have „pretended“ brothers, because with a male friend she can feel safe.

One woman suggests how can a man and a woman be just friends: “you should go sleep in one bed (only sleep, no sex). If you will sleep soundly, without any distractions – yes, you can be friends, but if not...

I think that the question about a man’s and a woman’s friendship is still open. What‘s your opinion?