Jurgita.com is one of the biggest modeling websites on the internet and everyday we receive hundreds of new members applying for different memberships of this site. Each profile is checked manually, so it takes some time. Please be patient and if your profile is not verified after 48 hours, than read the following information and change your data accordingly. After changing it will be checked again.

Sometimes people who are applying for membership don't pay attention to all details written on the registration form and that's the reason why we do not verify their account. Because of emails coming to us everyday with same problem: "why my account is not verified" we want state briefly the main reasons why we do not verify some accounts:

For any kind of membership type:

Make sure the basic contact info (name, family name, country, city) you wrote in the registration form is correct. Don‘t just leave initials of your name or surname, do not write a country name or city name that does not exist, because our system is automatically rejecting such accounts.

Persons under 18 year old are not allowed to do adult jobs. If the member is under 18, he should not mark glamour/nude or adult modeling types when creating the profile.

The professional status must be chosen accordingly to the uploaded photographs. Semi-pro status profiles have to upload at least 4 photos; Pro status profiles have to upload at least 6 photos. If you have chosen a semi-pro or pro status, you should upload photos which prove your high professional status, otherwise it will be downgraded during verification. Also, professionals should add some of their work experience.

For model's membership:

Models have to upload at least one photo. We do not verify models accounts till they upload at least one photo. Please note that one photo will not prove your semi-pro or pro status, so the account will be marked as amateur.

Measurements given in the model's profile must be logical. We do not approve profiles if the given measurements are clearly out of range. If the given height is 170cm and weight is 5kg, the profile will not be verified until the mistake will be fixed.

For photographers' membership:

People who want to join to jurgita.com as photographers need to upload at least one photo they have made. We do not verify photographers' accounts without any photographs.

For modeling agencies and other companies:

The verification of modeling agencies or any other company might take a bit longer than other accounts. This happens because we do our best to avoid scam agencies and companies. When we get a request to join as agency or company - we search information if such company exists and is doing the activity they described in the registration form. The verification time can be shorter if the account owner would fill all the required fields, the decription of company's work is a must.