Article about Yana Popova4
Interviews •Jul 9, 2007 • views: 5139
This is the first article, of many, on one of the moderators in Jurgita which I am hoping you will find very interesting and informative shedding a bit of personal light on the many multi-talented people who help to make Jurgita happen and keep it alive in the back rows. I am sure that you have all heard of, or at some point in any of the Jurgita forums/topics you have enjoyed a post with Yana Popova or read any of her interesting articles or even had a peep into her portfolio.The 22 year o...
Interview with Courtney Le Roux3
Interviews •Jun 22, 2007 • views: 17592
Courtney Le Roux won 1st place in Spring Photo Model contest! By some ironic our winners have names begin with same letter "C". But by contest's rules only one person can win 1st place. Courtney Le Roux won her first but I am sure not the last contest today! Which of your photos do you like most of all? "I would have to say the first round photo." Why? "I really like the whole idea of new beginning and having a real baby in was amazing! (from author: By the...
Interviews •Jun 22, 2007 • views: 7202
Cindy Hui won 2nd place in Spring Photo Model contest in!Cindy Hui is an amateur model from Dublin, Ireland. Recently, she did advertising work for Giordano Records...
Interviews •Jun 22, 2007
Catherina Kurnia won 3rd place in Spring Photo Model contest! Catherina Kurnia is an amateur model from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is 17 years old and studying in Kawanku Modell...