The Insatiable Eye3
by Lucia Musau
Psychology •Jun 4, 2008 • views: 5623
Walking downtown on a Saturday afternoon just simply dressed. Jodhpur pants, harmony top, not so high heeled laced shoes and no make-up. Looking smart for sure, but definitely not dressed to kill. On the street I meet some young love birds both in their mid-twenties from their looks. As I approach them I am just wishing I could get a chance to tell them how beautiful they look together. After passing them, I look back just to find the guy staring at me. I simply smile and go on with my ...
Searching for the best age for women to marry6
Psychology •Apr 10, 2008 • views: 10951
Most women dream about marrying a prince ever since childhood. White dress, the man she loves, a beautiful ceremony, all the attention and happiness. When a girl becomes a woman, the attitude to such things changes, yet, secretly every female remembers those dreams and wants to become a princess for at least a day. Have you ever thought that there actually is one more factor: when you should get married? This is the age when a female is mature physically and mentally, she has a feeling of re...
Psychology •Jan 23, 2008 • views: 6022
Most of us have seen such a scene: one man rhythmically waving some kind of thing (a watch, most of the time) in front of another's face. Hypnosis is surely something everyo...
Psychology •Jan 7, 2008
Every married man and woman knows that there are times when marriage seems to be a nightmare. You simply wouldn't mind leaving everything and starting a new life. He nor she...
Dec 29, 2007
views: 11987
Watching TV makes people eat more2
Dec 19, 2007
PMS in the eyes of a man6
Nov 21, 2007
views: 5288
Am I in love?3
Sep 27, 2007
Perspective of A Mother4
Aug 27, 2007
views: 5027
The Wrong man again?8
by Lucia M.
May 18, 2007
views: 9661
10 Ways To Lift Up Your Mood6
by Rachel
Psychology •May 16, 2007 • views: 10760
Any addiction is somehow harmful. Smoking may cause cancer, drinking may cause not just health, but also psychological problems, gambling may cause a financial crisis. But have ...
by Vylune P.
Psychology •May 2, 2007 • views: 19359
Polka-dotted lingerie near your cleavage or silky g-string lace on your waist may disclose you more than you might think. Underwear type, color and fabric can talk much about pe...
Psychology •Mar 1, 2007 • views: 24356
Do you feel yourself like being a very self confident person?If so – you are very lucky. Self confident persons are considered to be much more successful than those who fi...
Psychology •Jan 11, 2007 • views: 104286
People spend half of their lives sleeping, and the most part of the time you sleep with someone. Have you ever wondered if the way you sleep with your other half reflects on you...
by Ed Vasquez
Psychology •Jan 9, 2007
Over the past several decades, the image of man had suffered some drastic changes, and more and more of today‘s psychologists and anthropologists are talking about the &bd...
Psychology •Jan 9, 2007 • views: 13840
Probably you can remember the last time you were drawing some trivial illustrations on your notebook when you were bored at work or waiting someone in a coffee-bar. Psychologist...
Psychology •Jan 8, 2007 • views: 11124
For a long time now, the scientists have been trying to distinguish how the food we eat affect our mood during the day and our mental condition in a longer interval of time. The...
Psychology •Jan 4, 2007 • views: 50948
Every person knows a feeling to brake up with your love partner. Moreover, if a relationship was long and you were in love, after brake up of course you will feel bad and upset....
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