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Should you trust Youndoo virus? No!
Security •Feb 21, 2017
There are probably very few people who have never encountered a browser hijacker at some point of their computer usage experience. Even if you are among those lucky users, you most likely have a friend, a colleague or some relatives whose computers have been infected with this annoying type of virus. You may even have heard about someone struggling with Youndoo.com. Indeed, this particular virus is one of today’s most active and innovative browser hijackers. You can see how active it is...
ODIN ransomware is the new hazardous threat in the cyber world
Security •Oct 10, 2016
ODIN virus is the newest version of infamous Locky ransomware that was launched back in February. It's not the first attempt to renew and update Locky virus - earlier this year, hackers introduced one of its versions called Zepto virus. At the moment, everyone is looking at ODIN ransomware which is considered one of the most dangerous and powerful cyber threats. Hackers use the same ransomware distribution technique, so you can get it delivered to your email inbox. Typically, the virus is att...
Security •Jun 28, 2016
If Hohosearch.com has appeared up on your web browser, it means that your computer is hijacked. A virus which has infiltrated your system without your awareness is called a brow...
Security •Mar 16, 2016
Locky virus is a ransomware-type cyber threat, which became known after infecting computers of Hollywood Medical Centre. After encrypting data, which was saved on them, it reque...
Security •Dec 5, 2012
FBI Online Agent is a bogus program that locks computers down as soon as it manages to get inside them. This ransomware relies on a fake notification, which replaces user's desk...
Security •Dec 4, 2012
Text Enhance is a potentially unwanted application, an adware, which causes continuous pop-up ads and links on the text. While most of the people believe that all this activity ...
Security •Nov 9, 2012
Police Central e-crime Unit virus keeps actively attacking UK's PC users no matter that it was quite a while from the moment when this threat came out. Also called as PCeU virus...
Security •Oct 2, 2012
Win 7 Defender 2013 is a tool used by cyber criminals to convince users in the false information. You should never think that program, which was installed without your knowledge...
Security •Sep 26, 2012
FBI Ultimate Game Card virus is an aggressive virus that seeks the only thing – to get you out of your money. For that, it firstly scares its victims with a huge alert cla...
Security •Sep 25, 2012
Federal Investigation Bureau virus is one of the most important threats Internet users must be aware about. It displays seriously-looking alert, which creates an image that it w...
Security •Sep 19, 2012
Green Dot Moneypak Virus is an especially dangerous cyber threat, ransomware, which has been noticed aggressively attacking USA people since the early summer. If you have also b...
Security •Jul 31, 2012
If you have been suffering from Google redirections, there is a high possibility that you are infected with Cycbot or one of its versions (Cycbot.b or Win32/Cycbot.B). Note that...
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