Totally fresh face from Lithuania - Viktorija. Very natural, beautiful girl was born in Kaunas and has came by accident to her mother agency Supermodels. She was not expecting too much, just wanted to try and see. She has tried some local fashion events in her school and was quite excited to raise this experience into a higher level. Seems this girl got lucky as her agency got very interested with her appearance and nice personality. We believe this pretty young face might charm the fashion industry people with her natural and warm look. Sometimes it works really good, lets wait and see as she is only 15 years old at the moment and is surely too young for the big things.

Full name: Viktorija Santockyte
Mother agency: Supermodels Model Management
Contact:   Supermodels

Nationality: Lithuanian
Birth date: 15th Jan 1997
Height: 175 cm (5’9”)
Bust: 80 cm (31,5”)
Waist: 58 cm (22,8”)
Hips: 86 cm (35,4”))
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

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