One week ahead of August makes only a few more before another season of shows begins. Everything seems still quiet and silent, stunned by the mid-summer heat and miles away from the craze that shakes the whole business once falls comes to take its toll again. But, behind closed doors and heavy curtains, a part of the fashion world is already back on tracks. While Paris and Milan are both thinking of well-deserved vacations, New York is slowly but surely waking up and getting ready for the shows. Good timing for me to introduce you to a bunch of newly signed models with distinctive looks and tailor-made portfolios, starting here and now with Women's most striking rookie in ages: balkanic (and volcanic) beauty Mila Miletic.

Comparing a new model with Kate Moss is so common it hurts sometimes, yet in Mila's case, I would dare to say it's quite justified. Youthful face displaying impish smiles or moody grins, a tiny frame and smaller height compared to modeling standards and... and that's the most confusing, almost troublesome part, an odd resemblance between the photographs in her book and Kate's early work. Raw black and white portraits with dark underwear, a little bit of fur, tortured or rebellious gazes on over seventy percent of the pictures: the ideas to make her channel Miss Moss' fearless fixture didn't seem to lack to her agents and a lot of photographers she has worked with for test shots. But, don't get fooled too fast, booker's tricks are well-known for eras and from the vintage tee-shirt trend to the lookalike syndrome via the good-old hair makeover, their neverending and often questionable inspirations for branding have rarely stopped their newbies from making it, if they have the potential to do so. And when it comes to this last aspect, Mila certainly has all of her own to stand out and shine. Maybe that height of hers doesn't scream runway but haven't we seen other little ladies going their way next to six-feet-tall silhouettes before? Ask Sasha Pivovarova, Charlotte Free and, well, Kate Moss.

CREDITS: Women Management NYC / Ph: Dimitri Hyacinthe, Terry Gates