She belongs to the most watched new faces of this season and just debuted her career last week as the main attraction at Chanel, during the three days dedicated to Haute Couture in Paris. From the one to watch to the one to catch some serious attention, the step seemed small and fast for Karoline. And, after a skyrocketting start in one of the most presitigious fashion capital, the red-haired Norwegian can rely on rock-solid assets to begin a flawless career in print too.

Warmly welcomed on stage when her first polaroids were released, not so long ago, Karoline Bjørnelykke is the latest Norwegian to catch attention from the eagle-eyed fashion crew and, believe me as a redhead enthusiast, it isn't due only to her flamy hair. Despite being pretty new in this tough business, this young lady managed by Team Models from Oslo certainly knows how to express a certain kind of intensity in stills, even enough to bring a picture from lifeless to motion. And who says motion means emotion(s), waves out of gazes that enable a model to channel one particular character or another. Potential, as some would say but I tend to believe what Karoline displayed in her test shots and agency digitals is already slightly more elaborated than just potential. Basing my judgement on the photographs here (and, trust me, they are just a small sample taken from her whole portfolio), I'd dare to call it performance. As the cherry on the top, the pale-skin beauty, who has much more to offer than a porcelain doll, has just signed in at Women Management in Paris. Another reason to believe she might be a good contender in the starting blocks to set a wildfire on the international modeling scene.

Team Models, Oslo / Ph: Kjell Ruben Strøm, Ole Marius Fossen, Tina Rekdahl, Steffen Oftedal;
Chanel Haute Couture FW 12-13 / Ph: Vogue Italia;
Showcard Haute Couture FW 12-13 / Women Management