Sarah Anderson

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dancer Sarah Anderson is american dancer and lives in Gwinn, USA.

Name:Sarah Anderson
Dancer ID:134847
Location:Gwinn, Michigan, USA
Spoken languages:en en en
Membership: (bronze)
Professional status:amateur
Portfolio views:424

Physical stats

Skin:light tan
Height:168 cm5' 6"
Weight:91 kg200 lbs
Bust:112 cm44"
Waist:104 cm41"
Hips:119 cm47"
Dress/Clothes size:xxl13
Shoes size:398

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American Female dancer Sarah Anderson from Gwinn, USA

I've been dancing for 4 years, seasonally. Big Bon's in McFarland, MI is where I work now and is only open two days a week and closes down periodically throughout the year. It is a juice bar, and generally not very busy at all.
I've also danced at the Golden Nugget in Spread Eagle, WI.

Additional information

I'm 27 years old. I grew up in a small town in lower Michigan. After graduating I moved to the city for a couple of years, then to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to be closer to my family. I worked several dead-end jobs and generally wasn't happy with life. Then I found dancing. I fell in love instantly and wondered why I never thought of it before when I lived in the city. I started dancing and I've been hooked ever since. Three years later I met my husband, and had my daughter shortly after that.
Now I'm dancing again a year later, mostly to get my body back in shape after the pregnancy, but also because I just missed it so much. I'm the biggest girl dancing at my club right now, but I'm also the most popular one most weekends. I enjoy what I do very much and have alot of fun too.

Special information

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