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Do I Have "IT"?

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Hi i'm new to jurgita and I am new to modeling! I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me! I want complete honesty! Thankyou!:embarassed:

Hi, Lauren! Soon here will be a lot of people to write their thoughts. I will be the first :)
First pic - too much make-up, can't see your natural face features.
Second pic - you seems pretty.
Third pic - not very good quality, so better change this one.

And, add some body pic because everyone likes it here :)

you definitely know how to look at the cam. i would advice you to try different poses at your pictures, the more universal you are the more suggestions to work you will get ;) and good luck!

I agree with Yana!!!:thumbup:

Hiya Lauren!
Good points from Yana! You are young and should show fresh face as you have nice natural looks! Add a full quoter of pics to your profile and try to include a full length shot, unless you only want facial modelling work. Best wishes Mike!

Oh and Lauren use pic 2 as your main photo! The one with the pink earrings thats a real nice shot and shows you and your smile better!

Yana is quite correct. Also, red lipstick and your skin tone will only work in certain light and environments. It detracts from your natural beauty, which you really do have. Good potential actually!

I agree with Luciana - try a vareity of poses and also different outfits - and on the thrid picture i would have to agree with Yana - ;)

hey everyone...

Do you think there is any possibilities for me..

At the moment my boyfriend is taking the pics. DWhat do you think.

Do I have a chance to go proffesional???

Love to love

yasmin .x.x.:lips:.x.x.

hey lauren i wouldn't know if you have 'IT' cos we haven't seen any photos of what your body looks like. but i like your smile, very natural... you would fit well in commercials.

hey yall can you please come and check my site out and tell me what you all think i want the truth and the truth only. i want to be a model but i dont know if i have what it takes.

Need additional pics to tell.





I think you have lots of potential. your pretty.
your first picture has to much make up on though, you cant see if you are trying to cover somthing up, make up is supposed to just enhance your natural features, not create a complete new person.

Start correctly, Portfolio, Professional Pictures and present yourself in the right way!

We offer for a limited time only free retouched photo in a commercial setting"

Good Luck !

I can see your pic so i canr helpbu out. So sorry :/

Hello Everyone!

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Total results: 15
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