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The Soul That Sees Beauty May Sometimes Walk Alone. Explain

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can any body explain
"The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone."

why is it so

i think a person that sees beauty in something that not others could see, i mean like some art work, Walk Alone in the sense that others will think he's weird
People can always doubt what you say, but they can't doubt what you do.

Wow, this is a brilliant quote you chose, I must say.

Sometimes there are certain things that yearn for appreciation but are not appreciated by some. Why are they not appreciated? Because everything in this world is relative. And by relative, meaning, everyone has a different picture of the same object.

Either this person, wanders and appreciates beauty alone or ratify that he or she alone could see this type of beauty. It is also similar to the quote "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Thanks for the question, i enjoyed answering! Lots of care!

It takes a moment to find physical beauty. It may take a lifetime to find emotional beauty. Though a person who seeks emotional beauty may live for long periods in the dungeon, The emotional beauty that they find will give them a mansion that is guilded in gold. They will be able to rub their hands on it and never be able to remove the beauty. The person who seeks physical nbeauty will find the guilding crumbling at their touch. Though the home may remain, it will be as a shack in the woods. It simply falls apart.

Now, I'm going to talk in simple terms. My ex tore my heart out. Even worse, she made victims of our two beautiful daughters. She made it a point to be sure to never offer any assistance to the children. I am responsible for the full support of our two daughters, though I am ordered to allow her in any decisions involving our girls. She has supervised visits with the girls though she pays no child support.

The person I seek will accept the three of us as a package. She must have patience, as both of the girls are developmentally disabled. A pretty face will nt be able to handle what I must subject it to. A beautiful heart will find the life I will subject them to as a challenge. This person will take the challenge to show that the love they carry will be the greatest tool that my family needs to survive. this heart will be the greatest gift. I have been seeking this heart since 2003, and will continue until this heart is found. Yes, I get lonely. Yes, I am alone in my quest. But, the Holy Grail of love Is the treasure I seek, and I will no longer be alone when I find it.

His or her standards are too high. Very picky.

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Total results: 5
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