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Please Help Me!

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well i have been wanting to become a model for a while now and i want to know if i have what it can you all please help me out and tell me what i have to do. thanks!

Well from looking at your photos you seem that you can. Try to develop your portfolio and get some better quality shots


Hi Angela,
You definately can be a model if you put your mind to it. Curves are 'In" right now for a lot of industries, so that coupled with a nice face will give you a good shot!! Definately want to upgrade the photos in the porfolio though. The advice the others give you is on the money!!
Best wishes!

Definitely improve the quality of the images on your profile. Perhaps try some TFP to do this?

Your pictures are too small. You need to upload larger and more clearer pictures.

I would have to agree with most of the comments re the photographs and pose choices! You need to show companies how they can use uyou and therefore you need to show how casualwear, eveningwear or swimwear can be enhanced by you, or if it is facial work then show variances in look. Keep up the good work. Mike!

thanks you yall so much for commenting on this i will have more pictures up as soon as i get ungrounded<3

Good!!! I look forward to seeing them!!! Let me know when they go up!

hey i think that u have a nice portofolio but u can sure benifit from improvin da quality of da pics:D

Hi Angela,
I hope you figure this out and can mail me back!!! Grounded??? That sucks! LOL

this is for william

the e-mail wouldnt go through so i had to put it on here,

the only time that i can get on here is when i am at school, i also have work to do then when i am done i leave to go to lunch so i dont have time to write back im sorry. but i am willing to work with you but i cant travel yet.. i will be graduating here in a few months and then we will talk about it.. i am saving money right now so i can travel and come and see you so i am looking forward of meeting you and before i do anything i will have to trust you.. and i am not there yet but i am willing to work it out.. thanks<3 angela<3

Hey Angela,
Dont worry about the travel thing. If whoever you are doing work for cant pay to bring you in, I wouldnt even introduce you. relax, focus on school and when things slow down, it will all work out. Dont even stress over it. I am not going anywhere, and there is always work!!! Take care!!!

Thank you Will.....You are the man, who (I hope so) will help me to become a model :)

Why don't you consent for me to do a retouched photo of you and put in a commercial
setting ! I am soon to create a magazine called the Retouched Model in the digital age.
Good Luck !

You look nice. I suggest to take more proffesional pics and place them here.

Hello Everyone!

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Total results: 16
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