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Should Faux Bling Replace REAL Engagement Ring?

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Ok, most of you have probably gotten a dose of Internet wind, when it comes to the news of the designer 20.5 Carat Total VS [Emerald center cut + 2 classy--2Carat Trapezoids style sparklers (--that on a scale of a average budget would usually substitute in the place of trilliant or tapered baguettes as side stones as melee--But not in this case--the side stones excessively exceed over the largest size of typical melee's standard of an 0.18 Carat measurement.). This is a fairytale Diamond dazzler weight & platinum solitaire that gorgeous Kim Kardashian received from her tall, dark & handsome sporting prince:
Kris Humphries, recently.
Could this bling be seen flashing in the sunlight from close range helicopter view?
The sun is capable of triggereing a blinding flash, depending on the facets involved & the angle captured at time of a hefty pronged glamour gem glimpse.
This kind of Bold Love can never be kept a secret, unless you lock it in a steel vault../'
I got to hand it to Kris for being quite the icon in dealing leadership skills for romancing a woman come proposal time! Oh what a 'KNIGHT' Kimmy has! Sir Humphries fames
KUDOS of Rarity, with rose petals spelling out fragrant fond monumental memories!
BUT WAIT...Engraving messages of Heart to Heart feelings & noble Biblical Scripture according to their personal beliefs, are an added +++.
Yet with all this wonderful endowment of affection displayed through actions..:
Where does that leave one's mind hovering, when considering sporting a $2 million dollar appraised item? BRAVE or LEARY to wear this amongst street hounds from hell, lurking to snatch luxury in a moments disadvantage of weather affecting the shrinking of a lady's finger & the possibility of it sliding off the hand with the swipe of a hand gesture, just to end up within some unsuspecting person or crouching criminal's grasp??
Sure there's always special insurance policies to purchase for the event of loss. However, some things are irreplaceable, either by tangible or intangible assets' attachment, or both.
So the BIG Q' is this:
A) Is it right to NOT wear a ring of sentimental value just to abstain from potential worry about theft, loss or damage--for the majority of time owning such a possession?
OR. . .
B) Should something of this caliber of relational sentimental intimacy be worn no matter what?

WHAT WOULD YOU DO, if you could be the bearer & wearer of this type of item?(Ignore the fact that most people can't or won't go there with their expenses, just address the issue as if you were born into the situation.)
To Fake it OR Stake it??
What it boils down to is: head before heart OR heart before head..>
Whether it be :lips::lips: OR :muscle::muscle:. . ."TRUE BLUE" IS The GENE that fits ALL;)

I do think it comes down to a mental view of just what material possessions are... do you loose a 2 mil ring down the gutter grating and just blasely go "aww... ah, never mind, I'll just do a days overtime and get a new bauble" or is it time to rip that sewer system up with your bare hands brick by brick to find your little glinting toy...

An optimist will be all misty eyed thinking about what loverkins is going to get her next to replace it, a pessimist is going to be very pessed off :D

Hello Mystique!
I think in THIS instance, because of its cost, it should be head before heart. Have a fake made (and let everyone know you did) and wear the real one at very special events. Recently, while performing at a concert and singing, Chakira was shaking hands with the crowd gathered at the front of the stage. A guy reached his hand out to shake hers and slipped a diamond ring off her finger and disappeard in the crowd.:doh:
Better safe than sorry!;)

If its really expensive, i would suggest getting a quality replica made and wear one that one for everyday occasions. Then you could bring out the real one for special occasions.

Look at what has happend to Michael Flately's ex girlfriend Lisa Murphy in Ireland a few weeks ago.

Armed Raiders took her 10 carat engagement ring from her finger which was valued at half a million euro. -raid-terror-2661158.html

Hi sweet Jurgita Cyber pals= Juan & Irish Guy!! :cool::cool: :lips: :lips: =----------------->

Hope you two are doing fine, & finding quality time to unwind from business stressors!
I gotta give ya a mini quickie, bee-cause my eYes are starting to tweak..
Love ya for taking time out to gift me your versions of imput...
"Better SAFE than sorry" is like the next blessed gem of a platter tang in sucking buttery lobster tails that aren't salmonella tainted! :D
Whether it be :lips::lips: OR :muscle::muscle:. . ."TRUE BLUE" IS The GENE that fits ALL;)

afternoon mystique

hope you are keeping well. Hope the weather is better, than here in ireland!!!!!!

June was a miserable month, hopefully July will be better!!!!!

I think "Better Safe, Than Sorry" definitely applies here, and in a lot of things in life.

Hello Everyone!

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Total results: 6
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