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Anyone Else Got Asked Lately To Do A Billboard For A MAJOR Soda CO.?

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MODELS BEWARE:endecided:

I'm just curious, if there is any ounce of sincereity in the offer I received or if it was a scouting scam. It sounded too good to be true.
I'm reserving the person's identity for now, but have retained an email copy, if it turns out that it was really a bogus bluff offer./'

Another model reported receiving the same offer.
Most likely a photo scam, the company mentioned does not use lingerie pics like your exotic desert pose with the heart strap belt for a family oriented billboard.

I also received the offer. It's from the same person who has made numerous OTHER offers in the past which turned out to be bogus. Don't know where he gets the time or what he gets out of it. SURELY NOBODY still falls for it. When in doubt, ask here, between everyone here weve probably heard of the scams.
Have a GREAT day!:)

Haha! Juan :D
Good to cyber sizzle ya! ;)
It must've of been a tight pre-select mini mass spam mailing for only the sexiest models.
Hans, got the same email, too, as you & I.
Better Business & 'Good Housekeeping' Instincts do work in the warped zone of model rip-off schemes! Maybe all 3 of us should do an Oreo Commercial, next?
I get to be the creamy :cool: inside! ;~P :lol::lol:

Hello Everyone!

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Total results: 4
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