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How Can I Get Started Being A Model

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a few people told me i look like i could be a model.
i think it would be fun so i want to try it and i'm not shy either.
i think i need a portfolio first.
i just turned 13 and i don't have much money so do any photographers do that for free or not much money?
once i get a portfolio then i can try to get a modeling job.
it can be clothes modeling or any of those other kinds i just want to get started so i don't care.

Yes, if you look around the articles on this site, and check out the events postings it is TFCD and TFP (Trade for CD and Trade for Photographs)

You as a model are trading your time and body while the photographer is trading his time and equipment, both of you should come away with either photographs or a CD of images which will enhance your respective portfolios.

Generally there is a lot of TFCD/TFP by starting photographers looking to build their portfolios of work shot, which may not be the best for a model just starting out. Try to find an expereienced photographer who knows how to pose and direct a model. Just like with sex, two virgins with no experience floundering around together is rarely as much fun or as effective as when one of the two knows what he/she is doing and can guide the newbie :D

i think i need to find a TFCD or TFP photographer.
hopefully an experienced one but if i can't find one of those then one just starting out is ok.
i just need one to take some pictures of me so i can build a portfolio.
if any photographers that will do TFCD or TFP see this please send me a message.

hey clayton
am the same, i got all the goods to be a model but i got no money or support, but i still keep my dream alive thats why i joined Jurgita, hoping to book jobs and prove myself. Am still waiting so i geuss that makes the two of us....

Hi Dorcas,

you could start cleaning up your profile a bit. It looks like you entered your last name twice which is a no go on this site. That is why you are listed here now:


Then it looks like your measurements are not completely correct as well. Somebody who wants to be a model should know her measurements. Your weight is surely wrong with 27kg.

Please update your profile as soon as possible. After that your profile will be listed here:

Good luck for the future.


A question Clayton, don't you know anybody with a digital camera, or could buy one for yourself?

For the very beginning you could even make your own photos with a digital camera and use the self timer setting on the camera. Ok a tripod or something similar is needed, but to be honest that is what I did and even still sometimes do. If you check my photos, all photos that are not outdoor photos are made that way.

The other very important thing is that you know how to process the photos later on your computer, if available use digital cameras that record RAW files. You can change the style of the photo and adjust mistakes much better when you have RAW files compared to the regular jpg files a camera records.

Hope that helps a bit at least.

thanks Rechille.
I don't have a digital camera but I'll try to find somebody who does that can take some pictures of me.
thats a good idea your pictures look really good like a photographer took them.
you're pretty.

Your a natural, if we could somehow talk i could do the pictures for free.

Try using an alternate site that supports its moderator staff, until this site gets itself back on track, it'll be a difficult task to get any serious offers here.
I wish administration would really help stave off the spam & porn.
Lots of luck.

I'm still looking for a TFCD or TFP photographer to make some pictures of me for my portfolio or help get me started. I know somebody that might be able to help but I'm not sure so I'm still looking.

Resty Senecal:

Your a natural, if we could somehow talk i could do the pictures for free.

I need some help building a portfolio too

Hello Everyone!

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