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Dear friends, can you do me a small favor?

First and foremost, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shah. I am a Malaysian, and currently I’m working as the Business Development Manager of SP Models in Kuala Lumpur. For your information, SP Models has operated for almost two years and i must admit that we are relatively new in this industry.

For your information, i'll be visiting Paris, Amsterdam (Lawrance), Germany, London, Rome & Sweden in this coming May 2007, to get to know more about a few of successful model agencies in those countries and may be to co-operate with our agency in the future.

Could you suggest to me the best modeling agency in those countries that I can work with?

Kindly reply to [*Email link removed*] expeditely.

Thank you.

-SP Models- ;)

i dont know how about other countrys but meyby you searching for model?

Here are some interesting agencies for you in Europe.
Austria: look models international ... Selection Model Management ... Wiener Models
Germany: IZAIO ... Best Models ... Louisa ... Bond Models ...
Paris: metropolitan
... and some more
Better is, to contact me directly - I'm also running a big network about the advertising business ... use the lint to >Official ArteMaXX website
... there are all needed informations, how to contact me
Regards .... Gerhard

Elite, IMG, Next... The best players I think.

IMG, i think :endecided:

Thanks guys.

Sorry i just came back from Bangkok and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Yes, i'm looking for the talented models who r willing to work in my country. Based on events / shoots only. No Contract, So you dont have to worry!

I'll try to get your website first to contact you. My email is shahproduction at gmail dot com.

.shah. ;)

the best modelagencys in Sweden are Mikas and Stockholmsgruppen.

/Henrik Ahlgren

hello shah… for me you would have to go to Milan, city of the Italian fashion, because to Rome it finds very little and sure agencies little value… you council a turn to Milan where you will find all what it serves to you and even we could ourselves be put also daccordo on which agencies are the best one…

Thanks Paolo M., I will change my trip to Milan. Of course... ;)

thanks guys. my projects already succed because of the correct destination. million thanks to you guys. ;)

look them up :) good luck

hello to everybody. I've already fell in despair. Help, guys! What's the problem with my portfolio?

Valentina Papariga:

hello to everybody. I've already fell in despair. Help, guys! What's the problem with my portfolio?

Why despair Valentina? Your portfolio is good, you have just started recently yes?

Your photos are good and show great range and the main photo is very effective, so
you have started well!

Just one thing though! This is 'Best Modelling Agency' topic, so probably not the best place to add your question! :D Next time probably the Photo Critique or General modelling forums may suit the question better!

Good Luck in all you do Valentina!

THANX for a comment. As a true blonde:), i haven't noticed that.

Valentina Papariga:

THANX for a comment. As a true blonde:), i haven't noticed that.

Oh I think you need a confidence boost Valentina! Anyway you have Black Hair :D :lol:


Re: Your profile! It is looking good! :thumbup:


You can check on IMG, Next Models, Ford models, Elite model, Standout models in london, uk, paris and U.S.


Elite, IMG, are the greatest, I supose:endecided:

Heello to all!!!im Paolo and i need much work..
Who can halp me??
thanks for actentions...and to soon!!

:):)hey yh it's hard to tell...they're all good

I think it is IMG :dunno: , but I'm sure that there are many good ones :D

Hello Everyone!

JURGITA needs your help. We need moderators and contributors. get more information team
Total results: 27
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