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Model Pics Like This Are Not Pro!

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See here, for example.
& here:
Here, again.

This is a thumbnail photo that is amateur, not Pro status!

Who is moderating this stuff?
Admin, this shouldn't be.

This is not pro, it's an amateur snapshot of someone pumping gas in drag!

Not pro either, this photo shows a bad attempt to reduce leg girth by an amateur photoshop artist, as it left serrated edges.

Model has amateur compilation of a mock comp card, photo depicts body being stretched to unrealistic physique length.

Understand you want to dream big, but...
One photo, same outfit, does not make you a professional model.

How the hell could something like this qualify for pro status model, & it's the only photo in the portfolio?

Yes, omg! It's that bad, sorry.
The first profile I've ever seen on this sight that qualifies as warranting a new listing status as "amateur of amateurs."

No way on God's green earth are any of the photos in this account pro!
It's okay for you to dream :), but you must wake up in the real world. :doh:
Not pro model!

One very amateur photo of you at home & that is it for your portfolio, does not qualify you for pro status.

I wonder if Eric Clapton would feel like singing the following song in dedication to all this foolishness? I can't stand it...

This list, so far, must be the tip of the iceberg. :endecided:

Another no pro profile/'

Amateur status recommended./'
Model even states within his own account:
" 'I have only worked within the military.' "

Model's pictures are all from the same photoshoot, & aren't professional./'
1 photo session does NOT make you a Pro./'
See for yourself:

Photo saturation does not appear pro throughout the 3 pictures.
Copy paste the following link to review, Admin'.

All of the sudden after visiting this model's page,
I received a security warning for its content./'
Fellow members BEWARE!

1 blurry thumbnail size photo, doesn't deserve Pro title.
It doesn't matter what you look like, it's about the work, not the talk./'

No sideways slinging, ping-ponging way is this a PRO! :shocked:
Pro storyteller, yes!! :thumbup:
Keep the bologna in the fridge..>

You may have the looks, but you have to work for Pro status, NOT just post at home snapshot pictures!

WOW! This is unbelievably really getting to be like a blown circuit list!!!
Maybe this list of characters should consider the actors/actresses field, rather than models. :shh:

Anyone with half a brain can tell this is an Amateur, NOT a Pro...with a 1 & ONLY selfie-cell-like photo style pic./'

Model even says in her own words, to quote:
" 'I am fairly new in the business..."

No history, 1 photo./'
More effort should be supplied to obtain Pro.

This is it:..& it is unfair to other Pros, who work hard to allow you to gain Pro status off of this one photo./'

Pictures are not qualified for professional model status.
Visit the rest of the portfolio with this link, or view the example down below.
Look further.

There is alot of pics that arent that very good but we are amatures. I can use help too. :)

Hello Everyone!

JURGITA needs your help. We need moderators and contributors. get more information team
Total results: 18
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