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Hair--'Wire'. . .Gray Liberation/' The 'Grow Out' & 'Brush-Off' Of The Mane Blow-Offs!

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How Many Of You Females/Males DARE Mane-Stay There?
Is it easier to feed a man's/woman's FASHION instincts than to feed his/her family?
For some, one could only imagine that the finicky states of tastes would be less difficult to dress & address the exterior body of a member, rather than to dish up & serve the interior appetite/-s.

Need a boost in confidence to take the coif-' LOCKS' au naturel plunge?

These modern days are allotting the fashionably filter-less freedom movement to embrace your free-spirit or non-conformist sides to respectively stake their claim in not apologizing for wanting to retain your uniqueness. AWW--The times have arrived to
produce an age-acceptance to the 'wise'-whitish haired, silver-foxy mane flairs, & salt-n-peppered sassy strands, etc., that standout & make people salute those who have acquired many experiences--as if life were a bouquet of vast species of floral fancies.

Color that frames the face is like fragrance is to a delicate petal...
It needs to be there in order to define the perimeters of distinction./'
See here, how an era of aging is pressing being generous in not restraining the freedom to allow individuals their right to market their skills at an age that was once considered taboo./'

While mainstream has made it rather innocuous, seemingly since timelines began,
that any male could strut his hair without fear of being under GQ scrutiny, the Egyptian women were back dying their sleek-n-silky-do's so as to retain the draw of the eyes of
men's attraction toward the appearing younger-&-the-restless.

Great strands of aging 'angel' 'hair stands' have been marching their way from Las Vegas, & Time Square, & have been requested to bring rite-ritual-rally-rights to the gray hair dabble-y parts of California.

These ladies made it a Mane Event to cutdown the glares, & up the awares on chemical dyes.

So, I know, there's a whole lot of feminine structure to this reporting going on without even trying to invite on purpose...Rather showing that the majority of men are being less represented as this being an issue that they are as pre-occupied with the grays as their female counterparts.

HOWEVER...In Internet article browsing coverage of gender inequality set-aside, upon this subject...
Those who want to break on through to thee other side...
won't let their sex origin/genetics stop them.>

Take heart, or I mean stay hair--or stray gray--WHICHEVER works for you..
GROW for it, & GO for it!

For more info & support,
Read on...Follow the links in this brief hair-deal>>
Men see hair, be of good ear:...You got this to refer to in re of the gray-days & aging nites>>
JUST REMEMBER THIS, in the hair tease & please ends:
No matter what your color choice is:..
LOVE YOURSELF.> :thumbup::thumbup:
++A man or woman of vision, will work their way around coif collision. :D

With or without this article, I had planned to just go gray naturally, but I wasn't aware it was such a big movement, until I read your article, Mystique.
Thanks for leaving us International aging peoples with the encouragement needed to boost or reboost our confidence in our own mane attractiveness. :cool:;):lol::lol:
You're missed, & congratulations on your latest singing venture! :thumbup::thumbup:

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