We start the "Worth the Red Carpet"  blog with the amazing Beauty Saule from Lithuania. Saule means Sun. This is a Lithuanian word. She has so nice and warm personality, that it looks like she is worth her name. Saule was found in Lithuania, her mother agency is Supermodels Model Management. Most of her time free from the school she spend in Japan. She works a lot there with Donna Model Management in Tokyo, and Cosmopolitan in Osaka. She still did not work in Europe but she has a first choice for Women Model Management there. 

Her height is only 172 cm (5'7'') so the best market for her is Asian market, where she does a great job. After several trips to Japan she knows the Japanese language already and associates her future with this country. Her dream is to become a famous actress in Japan. 

Even if she travels a lot and more than a half of the year works in other countries, she is still study at school. She manages to work and study together and her grades are really good. That is a really perfect example for all models whom afraid to miss the school.

If you like Saule and want to book her for some project, contact Supermodels Model Management.